Goodbye & Hello.

As I sit here wondering about the depths of my future, I came to realize that I physically cannot plan every single detail about my future. As a very anxious, controlling, and organized person; I try to detail every plan into specifics. I have always tried to tell myself, “Andi, that isn’t the way it … More Goodbye & Hello.

Now Imagine

Public Relations, where have you been all my life??? I think I fell deeply in love this semester with my CAP220: Fundamentals of Public Relations course, like literal love. Bering the cold weather to attend the 3 hour class was never a hassle; it was enjoyable, educational, and exciting. Learning the ins and outs of … More Now Imagine

A Jolly Infographic

Oh, the joy of doing an infographic assignment; one of the most favorite things I have completed so far in my Technologies in Advertising course. Yes, I am being dead serious. Being creative is something I admire and have great passion for, so being able to complete an infograph of my choice intrigued my imagination. … More A Jolly Infographic


With eyes barely susceptible to the morning sun glow, I reach for my phone. Yawing wide as I type in the four digit passcode, my finger immediately hits the white bird- Twitter. My fingers scroll down the mostly irreverent tweets that read “OMG almost Christmas #45days” or “That was my first and last time doing … More #Social_Media

Pretty in Public Relations: The Women’s Impact on the Industry

She rises at 6 a.m., waking up to a busy schedule ahead. After a calming shower and curling of the hair, she slips on the black heels and makes her way to the mirror. Putting on the finish touch of rose lipstick, she feels confident the day will be successful. Pouring her coffee into the … More Pretty in Public Relations: The Women’s Impact on the Industry

Technology – ArtPrize

Art in the olden days consisted of large-scale canvas paintings or marble sculptures made from famous artist known still today. Today, art can be represented through a glass sculpture lite during dusk or shining lights making enchanting patterns on cement walls. Art can be created by anything. It can use grimy trash, traditional paint, or … More Technology – ArtPrize