Goodbye & Hello.

As I sit here wondering about the depths of my future, I came to realize that I physically cannot plan every single detail about my future. As a very anxious, controlling, and organized person; I try to detail every plan into specifics. I have always tried to tell myself, “Andi, that isn’t the way it works!” However, I kept scribbling into my planner the activities for the months ahead, scrolling long to-do list, and planning out my precise day. However, today as I watched the Florida waters and gentle palm trees sway on my Spring Break vacation, I finally came to terms that I am content living with an open, unplanned future. For instance, tomorrow, I originally planned what I wanted to do, wear, possibly eat, and accomplish that day. But now, as I sit relaxed and calm, I decide to wake up, drink some coffee, and see what the day has in store. Of course, planning and being organized is a great quality, but it can also be a downfall. Being too controlling and anxious is not healthy, and that was the route my life was headed. I was so concerned about my future internship, career, life, and success that I forgot to focus on my dreams. Dreams that have not been planned, dreams that will in time come true. My advice on this day is to live life without a to-do list of plans; scripting out your every day. Live life without constantly thinking of the future- live life like the waters and palm trees… Relaxed, happy, and alive.



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