A little bit of social media

Pew Research Center concluded that around 74% of women were users of social networking site, and I am definitely one of those statics. Social media is a topic I was moderately aware of. After time in the Technologies in advertising/PR course – my knowledge of social media has expanded beyond my belief. The amount of social media applications that can be used towards my future professional life is astonishing, and the growth of my familiarity is larger than I could have ever imagined. Social media is more than just tweeting and picking a filter for a photograph; it is branding yourself, analyzing date, and using tools for creativity and design.

Before the course, I would check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snap-Chat daily. The only thing I really cared about was the amount of followers I had and how many likes I got on an Instagram picture. It was the social media world I knew and buried myself into. Occasionally I would update LinkedIn; adding connection and updating new profile information. I was blinded by the world of social media; unaware that somewhere out in the dusk, more social media was there to be explored.

Being introduced to WordPress and having to write blogs weekly was not a hassle for me; it was an enjoyable task. Sharing them with the world had me shaken at first, however I now relish being able to socially share my writing. Another introduction of social media is Brand Yourself. The site informed me that there are many cites that include my information (good and bad) and it must be monitored. Moving on in the course, we were introduced to the website about.me. This website helped to create a profile of ourselves and composite our skills and information into the page. These three social media platforms showed me the ways I can improve or create professional profiles.

Hootsuite was introduced recently, which is a social relationship platform founded in 2008 by Ryan Holmes. Holmes states, “We are not just a social relationship platform. We are not just at tech company. We are creators, innovators, and builders dedicated to revalorizing the way you communicate” (Holmes, 2015). Hootsuite lets you manage multiple social media platforms from a single page and allows you to tweet and post right from your main page. This site is convenient for scheduling times for posting and analyzing the best times to share your information with the world.

Google analytics is another platform I am more familiar with. Social analytics allows you to measure the impact of social initiatives, see visitor flows, view data, and an abundance of other beneficial features when looking at the analytic part of social media. This social media aspect will become helpful when handling a company’s social network platform. The knowledge of social media I obtain is massive compared to August of this year. I can now state that social media is used for branding, promoting, and analytics; not just funny twitter post of cute cats and posting a picture at tailgate. Being more aware can help me develop myself and future professional life, and I am thankful to have learned the roads of social media.


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