Group Collaboration: The Good and Bad

Group collaboration does not end after schooling; it continues for the rest of our professional and everyday lives. We collaborate every day, whether it is cooking with a partner to make dinner, meeting with a coworker to complete a task, or even working with a stranger to fix the broken computer in the library. Collaboration is key to successful work; however, this term comes with many advantages and disadvantages along its side.

Group collaboration at the work place can be beneficial, or a nightmare that irks the mind. Jean Scheid writes a post for the Bright Hub website about the pros and cons of group collaboration in the work place. Scheid says the advantages are:

  1. Group Collaboration combines different perspectives
  2. Workplace collaboration encourages creativity
  3. Collaboration takes advantage of synergies
  4. Workplace collaboration brings balance to decision making
  5. Collaboration may improve delivery times

I can relate to these advantage examples in my personal life while dealing with group collaboration and group projects. Having team members to help guide along a project is beneficial because it allows you extra helping hands to get the work done. Being able to contact a member of a collaboration team to ask questions and get inputs on the final project is also beneficial; because it can help execute more creativity and plentiful perspectives.

Disadvantages do occur; and most group collaboration projects come with some cons that leave coworker’s scratching their heads or red with frustration. Scheid describes the disadvantages as:

  1. Incidence of group talk
  2. Possible ambiguity in roles/responsibilities
  3. The cost of collaboration may be high
  4. Collaboration often leads to longer decision times
  5. Conflict within groups

Honest to say, my ideal on group collaboration brings more harsh and horrid memories than pleasant dreams. Most teams I have worked with during college have been lazy, bad communicators, and slackers who leave you to do the dirty work. Communicating may be the key issue that I have had with group collaboration.

Overall, group collaboration is something we must all deal with; every day and in our future professional lives. We, including myself, must learn to leave the disadvantages at the door and strive to see the benefits of group collaboration, even if they are miles away from the door mat.

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