Why Sorority Life?


I may be bias on the topic of sororities, since I have been in a sorority the moment I started college. And, I may be a little bias about the fact Greek life is more than parties and fun since I spend a majority of my time each semester making educational programs for our new members, attending events to raise more for philanthropies, volunteering to get service hours, and problem solving with the rest of our executive board. Over half of my college life has been dedicated to my sorority, and no, not dedicated to beer pong and frat boys. Okay sure, affiliated and COLLEGE students in general go to parties; it’s a college thing. But that over-played stereotype that Greek men and women only party and pay for our friends gets pretty old really fast. Did you volunteer over 250 hours within the last three years? No? Did you raise thousands of dollars for a philanthropy that supports children and play therapy? Most likely no. Did you come together with a group of 130+ people and benefit the community in a positive way? Nah. Those are the things sorority and fraternity members do… that is why we are here; this is why I am here.

My chapter colonized the year I decided to take that initial step into sorority life. With that came hours of endless efforts to try and get our chapter chartered. It wasn’t a thrill every weekend, let me tell you that. We were just trying get our name out there and make ourselves known in the Panhellenic community. It surely wasn’t a roller-coaster of adventure sitting in meetings writing countless bylaws or spending hours trying to decide our first executive board. But we did it; and now three years later we have a beautiful chapter house and can list of so many incredible things our chapter has done in just that short amount of time. Not only have I impacted my chapter, but more importantly the chapter has changed who I am in many beneficial ways.

Before joining my sorority, I was terrified of public speaking. The thought of it made me cringe and sweat. But now, I can talk in front of a group of people and let me opinions be voiced; I’m not afraid of what people think of me, I WANT people to think of me. I am a leader now and know how to manage my time with the sorority, grades, work, and a social life. And most importantly; I know how to love myself and others through our bond of sisterhood. My sisters have been there for me through exciting times and the worst times, and I can honestly say I can’t wait for these ladies to share milestone events with.

SO the next time you think Greek life is just red solo cups filled with beer and frat boys dancing on the bed of a truck during tailgate, think about the amazing things these men and women do within and outside their organizations to impact the world. They say from the outside looking in you just don’t know, and from the inside looking out you just can’t explain – so give it a chance and get involved. Be that person who is looking out from the inside, trying to find the world to describe just how amazing Greek life really is.

To find out more about Greek life at Grand Valley State University, go to www.gvsu.edu/greeklife & check out my infographic on Greek Life below.



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