A Jolly Infographic

Oh, the joy of doing an infographic assignment; one of the most favorite things I have completed so far in my Technologies in Advertising course. Yes, I am being dead serious. Being creative is something I admire and have great passion for, so being able to complete an infograph of my choice intrigued my imagination. While sitting at my desk thinking of the topic, the outside world started to shed crisp snowflakes from the clouds above. Instantly the vision of clumsy ice-skating, holiday hot cocoa, and a cheerful snowman came to mind. So of course, my infograph has to be, the perfect recipe for a happy snowman.

Using the infographic website, www.canva.com, I opened a blank infographic located under the “Blogging and eBooks” tab. First, I played with the tools on the left; searching for images, adding blank boxes, and getting the general feel for ‘canva’. After successfully figuring out how to use the website, I started with the background. Using the search box, I entered the word “Christmas,” and arrays of festive images appeared. I used a gold glitter image for the background; coping and pasting the image until it fit the entire first page. Next I added some colorful shapes to the bottom and the title of my infographic, changing the font to fit the theme. To conclude the front cover, I added a jolly snowman and a snowflake; which I made transparent to blend with the background. With a creatively successful first page, I began to start the following pages.

For the rest of the infographic, I used a repeating sequence of a maroon colored number, step heading in gold writing, content of the process, and images that goes with the step. I repeated this for the following six steps. For each page, I added various images and changed the color while making some transparent. Adding the same background and maroon diamond boarder for the bottom made the pages flow and cohesive. The final page ended with a concluding step of completing the perfect snowman with more festive drawings.

With the finished product, I made my infographic public so that viewers of my page could enjoy the jolly project. I also used the share tab to connect my project with Facebook so family and friends could get in the holiday spirit. Since I did use images that were not free, I was unable to save the document to my actual computer. However, to get in the holiday spirit, follow the link, https://www.canva.com/design/DABh9IN78a0/Dq8V7OzqgJCe_7bOUl1jgw/edit, and bundle up while the snow falls to create your own perfect, happy snowman.



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