Now Imagine

Public Relations, where have you been all my life??? I think I fell deeply in love this semester with my CAP220: Fundamentals of Public Relations course, like literal love. Bering the cold weather to attend the 3 hour class was never a hassle; it was enjoyable, educational, and exciting. Learning the ins and outs of the PR profession and world opened my eyes; I can imagine myself being a part of this fast-paced profession. Finally, I can imagine a life loving a career.

When I decided my major of advertising and public relations, I was mainly only interested in the advertising aspect. Before this journey, I could barely define public relations without researching the meaning. I was confused, indifferent, and annoyed that I couldn’t grasp this concept.  I had no idea what PR was, let alone what comes along with the profession and the tactics in an everyday life. All I could imagine was Kim Kardashians PR pros setting up interviews and speeches. Never did I think about campaigns, event planning, timelines, press releases, budgets, and actual research and time to produce amazing outcomes.

Now, let me tell you my journey through the depth of wondering to the clouds of PR heaven…

Public relations is helping clients with events, campaigns, and everything in between. My personal experience with this course was devolving a 55 page campaign book for the Grand Valley Emergency Services. Deer in headlights. How was I possibly be able to conduct a campaign when I didn’t even know what PR was? It took time, a lot of it. It took research, focus groups, surveys, planning, and implementing night after night to get the result sitting at my desk now. Never did I imagine completing such a time consuming project, and deep down, enjoying every moment of it.

I can honestly say that Adrienne and this course has changed my life. Before I had no PR experience, nothing to show for in an interview and lacking skills to help me stand out. I can now walk into an interview and smack that 55 page campaign book on the table. I can speak fluently about Public Relations and what it means. Adrienne and this course have made me realize that the wonderful world of public relations is a world for me.  I imagine the dazzling city of New York, speckled with people and taxi’s zooming by with anxious passengers. I imagine a character, walking to an elevator with a Café Latte in one hand, and a buzzing cell-phone in the other. I imagine a room full busy workers; planning out the speech for Starbucks, developing a Twitter plan for Aerie, and launching a press-release for the fallen governor (Niles, 2015). I imagine, me.


Niles, A. (2015, September 8). Public Relations: Imagine. Retrieved from:


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