Technology – ArtPrize

Art in the olden days consisted of large-scale canvas paintings or marble sculptures made from famous artist known still today. Today, art can be represented through a glass sculpture lite during dusk or shining lights making enchanting patterns on cement walls. Art can be created by anything. It can use grimy trash, traditional paint, or lights to project pictures against a wall. Art has changed meaning, due to technology.

Technology has shaped ArtPrize into something completely different from the start in 2009. ArtPrize was a mere Grand Rapids, Michigan attraction until technology and media shifted this event into tourism central. The visitors of ArtPrize have increased dramatically from 2009 with 200,000 visitors to 441,000 in 2014 (About Art Prize, 2015). The reasoning for this might be technologies impact on the event.

In 2013, CNN listed ArtPrize as Michigan’s must-see destination of 2014 (Jackson, 2013).  This recognition from technology and media is predicted to increase the number of tourist in the events 2015 year.

From 2009 until now, ArtPrize has incorporated technology in various ways. Before, voters had to register in person and cast votes on paper. Now, voters can register on the ArtPrize website and vote via phone or Internet (ArtPrize, 2015). The website also shows where each art piece is located and information about the artist and piece, which was once how possible without technology. The website and media impact is not the only technology growing with ArtPrize, the art itself is growing with technological aspects. 2

Technology has impacted art directly. Increasing numbers of art pieces entered in ArtPrize are using technology to enhance their pieces and make them stand out in the public’s eye. About 50% of the art pieces I viewed at ArtPrize 2015 used technology in some form. Whether it was lights or a projector, technology was incorporated into their pieces.

The usage of technology in art should be up to the artist discretion. Some artist may fancy this idea of modernism; yet, some artist may stick to traditional paint and canvas impressions. Technology can, however, help to make a simple art piece more extravagant.

In 2014, the winner or ArtPrize used technology in her piece. Anila Quayyum Agha won with her piece titled, “Intersections.” The piece was a large cube with patterns cut to create designs. A light was inserted inside the cube, projecting the patterns onto the walls of the room. Without the technology and use of the light, the piece would have just been a cube hanging from the ceiling. The technology used made the piece more extravagant winning the artist $300,000 (ArtPrize History, 2014).

I can predict the future of ArtPrize with increasing technology usage. Whether it is updates to their websites, different ways of voting, or using more hash tags and social media with the pieces itself, technology will continue to grow on ArtPrize. Although, technologies role on ArtPrize does has disadvantages within. The first day of ArtPrize 2015 was filled with technical difficulties with the system and voting. If a problem occurs, like happened recently, voting and the process of ArtPrize can be affected. Technology, like in all cases in the world, will always have pros and cons, it’s just the matter of if we deal with the problems and boast the positives that technology has on our society.

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