With eyes barely susceptible to the morning sun glow, I reach for my phone. Yawing wide as I type in the four digit passcode, my finger immediately hits the white bird- Twitter. My fingers scroll down the mostly irreverent tweets that read “OMG almost Christmas #45days” or “That was my first and last time doing yoga (insert crying emoji face)”. So amusing. The vivid Instagram application hits my fingertip next, only to view the latest picture with the famous sierra filter and #TBT hashtag. Social media impacts daily lives; which varies on the spectrum of beneficial or detrimental.

Social media is both beneficial and detrimental in my personal life. I relish the applications that allow me to stay connected with friends and family, gain professional advice, and remain entertained; such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. However, the amount of time I spend, or even waste, on these applications is negatively impacting my life. I would say I open Twitter about 20 times a day. Usually I spend anywhere from 1-5 minutes on the social media app, which adds to about an hour of my day just on that sole application. When you include the other core processes, (Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and Pinterest) that is almost 5 hours that is taken from my day.

Millions of people are using social media daily; whether it is for work or amusement, social media is a key aspect of this modern day society. According to the Pew Research Center, Maeve Duggan reported the demographics of social media users and usage (Duggan, 2015). The research found that:

  • 82% adults age 18-29 use Facebook
  • 55% adults age 18-29 use Instagram
  • 32% adults age 18-29 use Twitter

Duggan also reported the percentages of daily usages of these applications:

  • 70% of Facebook users engage daily
  • 59% of Instagram users engage daily
  • 38% of Twitter users engage daily

Social media has been an ongoing expansion in usage. This might be due to the many changes these applications have gone through to boost users. Melonie Dodaro from Top Dog Social Media posted the article, “11 Major Social Media Changes This Month [May 2015].” These changes, according to Dodaro, included Facebook changing its news feed algorithm and safety check in areas of tragedy, and Twitter updating trends, adding the quote feature, and adding highlights to its application (Dodaro, 2015). These mere five updates are only a few of thousands of changes that social media applications have added to maintain users and promote their networks. These changes still lead into heated debates whether these changes are good or bad on our society as a whole.

Most can agree that social media takes up many hours of a person’s daily life. Business 2 Community’s writer, Tommy Landry, posted the article “How Social Media Has Changed Us: The Good and the Bad.” Landry states the good aspects are immediate access to information, connectivity to others, globalized voices, hashtags, and more level playing field for businesses. He continues to state the bad aspects which include selfies, political tirades, hiding beyond anonymity, and ignorance being amplified (Landry, 2014).

Whether some agree or disagree- there will never be a correct answer to the question: is social media beneficial or detrimental. We will continue to tweet, post, hashtag, and connect ourselves to the world around us while using the continually expanding, social media.


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