Public Relations: Imagine.

I imagine the dazzling city of New York, speckled with people and taxi’s zooming by with anxious passengers. I imagine a character, walking to an elevator with a Café Latte in one hand, and a buzzing cell-phone in the other. I imagine a room full busy workers; planning out the speech for Starbucks, developing a Twitter plan for Aerie, and launching a press-release for the fallen governor. I wonder, is this the real image of public relations, or something that I have created in my mind?

My idea of public relations is a career that is centered on the idea of producing a positive image for a company using advocacy, planning, publicity, and events. Even with the first weeks readings, research, and activities performed in class- do I know what public relations really is? I have to stop imagining what the world of public relations is, and actually dive into the ocean of the business. To take the initial leap into the vast waters of public relations, I have to answer the questions that ponder my mind…

First question, what is the difference between advertising and public relations? The two clearly tangle into one another, but what separates “a” from “b”? Chapter one reading revealed that advertising is paid space and broadcast time. It involves mass media outlets and the action of selling goods and services. Helping an organization thrive, supporting an advertising campaign, and dealing with specific groups/events is the opposing public relations. Now that I can put “a” in one corner and “b” in another, I can imagine what each career entails, what really happens behind the scenes.

Second question, what would our world be without public relations? I ask this question because my boyfriend currently expressed to me that advertising/public relations is an irreverent dying market. Harsh right? Well, I sat there on the couch, eyes fading into the television, speculating over his statement. Do you want to guess what appeared on the pixilated screen? Oh yes, an advertisement, followed by another, and wait, another! Those snowballing advertisements were produced with the help of public relation personnel. Without public relations, the world of business, marketing, advertising, and social media would not relate with the public. Therefore, without this career, my boyfriend doesn’t get to see the billboard of the returning BK Chicken Fries- without my future career, would you even know Chicken Fries are back? You’re welcome, Danny.

Third and final question, what do I want to do in this universe of public relations? To be honest, my mind has always been set on advertising. When relatives ask me the famous, “What is your dream job?” question, I go into a rant over how I, Andi Niles, want to make alluring magazine prints and famous super-bowl commercials. I imagine myself living in the glamorous NYC, working in the center of the sparkling city, living a life of rich and success. Really? My whole life I have been adamant on making ads, but not even considering the life that supports all advertising campaigns. How rude?

So now, when I think of public relations, I imagine something divergent. Not a giant city and fancy coffee, but a career that keeps our world alive. For the first time since I decided to major in advertising/public relations, I somewhat- not fully- but moderately know what the world of public relations is. Imagine that?


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